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Source: GreenKayak

Kayak for free while you gather debris

GreenKayak is a non-profit with a mission to reduce waste and debris in Copenhagen’s canals. Tourists and locals can paddle kayaks around the canals completely free of charge if they agree to collect the waste they come across on their trip.

GreenKayak provides all necessary equipment for debris collection and encourages users to document their trip on social media with the #miljøkajakken (the environment kayak) hashtag to spread the positive message and raise awareness.

In addition to Copenhagen, the initiative also operates in Aarhus – another Danish harbour city. The kayaks can hold two people and are available for two hours. When the trip is over, the waste is weighed and noted by GreenKayak.

To date, GreenKayak has collected 10.000 kg of waste from Copenhagen’s canals. In 2017 alone, 800 people took contributed to collecting 3500 kg worth of trash.



GreenKayak promotes life below water by removing plastic and other debris from canals (14.5)

Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

GreenKayak reduces the amount of microplastics and other hazardous materials in waters (6.3)

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