The Personal Data Act is intended to prevent the violation of your personal integrity when personal data is processed. Your personal data may only be processed if you have given consent or if this is permitted under the Personal Data Act or other legislation.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be linked in one way or another to you personally. This can be data such as your name or personal ID number, but also information such as your telephone number. Photos can also be a form of personal data, if you can clearly be recognised in them.

You give consent by clicking “Send”

When you contact us at Göteborg & Co using the form on our website, by email or an e-service and press “Send”, you automatically consent to letting us store your data. Please remember that you have the right to ask us to delete, update or correct your data.

Processing of personal data

“Processing” is a broad term. According to the legislation, collection, registration, dissemination and processing are some of the ways that personal data can be processed. Göteborg & Co processes your personal data in accordance with the law. In the event that we ask for your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent. The processing of personal data that is needed in order to fulfil an agreement with you or to fulfil a legal obligation is permitted without consent. We only save your personal data for as long as is necessary for the intended purpose of processing. In certain cases we must comply with the Archives Act or other legislation, which means that we cannot delete data. This may mean that a piece of data that has been removed from one system because it is no longer needed may be kept in another system where the personal data is still required.

Personal data controller

Göteborg & Co is the personal data controller for the processing of personal data on this website, in emails and for processing data within the company. The owner is the City of Gothenburg.
We can be contacted regarding our processing of personal data at

We also have a personal data representative, whose name is Martin Brunhage. He can be contacted at:

When is my personal data processed?

Your personal data may be registered by Göteborg & Co when, for example, you send us an email or contact us via Twitter or Facebook. We may then need to save and store your information in our archive. This is one example of an occasion when we process your personal data. We may also do so when you subscribe to some information from us.

Your rights

In most cases you have the right to be informed when we start processing your personal information and why we are doing so. You also have the right, free of charge, to request information on whether your personal data is being processed by us and, if so, which data this involves. You must personally write to us to request this information. You have the right to receive this information within one month. We also need to verify that you are the person you claim to be. Our contact details are given above.

You have the right to request that your data is deleted, updated or corrected.

This means that even if you withdraw your consent and the data based on that consent is no longer processed, your personal data may still be kept by us for other purposes, such as to comply with other laws that we are obliged to follow.

Anyone who believes that a company is breaking the Personal Data Act or other personal integrity legislation can inform the Swedish Data Protection Authority. Read more at the Swedish Data Protection Authority website.


…that if you use social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, to contact us, your information and personal details are always passed to a third party (the company/organisation that operates the social media). For your own sake we recommend that you do not send us sensitive information via social media.