Canal tour operator uses seabins to clean the canals of Copenhagen

Stromma Seabins

Source: Stromma

Stromma Seabins cleans the canals of Copenhagen

Tourism and excursion provider Stromma has installed two seabins in Copenhagen’s Nyhavn canal in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund and The Corporation for Development of City and Port (By og Havn).

The seabins are equipped with an engine that pulls in waste. Once the maximum capacity of 1.5 kg is reached, the bins are emptied and the trash collected for repurposing or incineration.

With its cobblestone promenade and coloured houses, Nyhavn has become a real tourist magnet and a prime location to embark on canal tours.

Stromma is a major provider of canal tours starting in Nyhavn and the company hopes that the seabins can contribute to compensating for the waste generated by the tours. Apart from keeping the canals clean, the bins are expected to raise awareness and remind people not to litter in the canals.



Seabins improve life below water by removing plastic and other waste from canals before it reaches the oceans (14.5)

Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

Seabins reduce the amount of hazardous materials in waters by collecting waste from canals (6.3)

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